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Registration is now open for PGT's WINTER 2006 Classes and Workshops. Winter session begins January 21.

This season's registration form is available online or call 914-946-4433 for a full brochure. These classes are available to students in our classes program (open registration) and our actor training program.


Monday Classes: October 10, 17, 24, 31 November 7, 14, 21, 28

Tuesday Classes: October 11, 18 November 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 December 13

Wednesday Classes: Sept. 28 November 2, 9, 16, 30 December 7, 14, 21

Thursday Classes: Sept. 29 October 6, 27 November 3, 10, 17 December 1, 15

Saturday Classes: October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 November 5, 12, 19

There are NO Classes: October 3, 4, 5, 12, 13, 19, 20, 25, 26, November 23, 24, December 5, 6, 8

Fall 2005 Class Schedule | NEW Saturday Classes
Little Theatre | Core Curriculum | Electives | Internship & Crew


Not sure about which class is right for you? How this enrollment thing works? No problem. Just read the following, and feel free to call the office at (914) 946-4433 with any questions.

Core classes make up the starting curriculum for all new students ages 7-17. All students must now take 3 acting classes, 1 dance , 1 improv & 1 musical theatre before moving on to electives. Core classes may be taken in any order or simultaneously, but Acting is the recommended class for students just beginning with PGT. Core classes include Acting Technique, Musical Theatre, Improv, Dance and Stage Craft classes. Each eight week session will include a thorough exploration of that one discipline.

All students ages 7-17 are eligible for the new Saturday performance programs and eligible to audition for the Actor Training Program even before completing the core class curriculum.

Once you have completed the core class curriculum, you will be ready to go into PGT’s Conservatory Classes.

In PGT’s Conservatory Classes, all actors will take a season of eight classes in one of a number of choices in intermediate and advanced classes for ages 7-17.

Our youngest students, ages 3-6, can enroll in one or more of our Little Theatre classes - Pre-Theatre and Pre-Theatre Dance for ages 3-4 and Theatre Skills for ages 5-6.

All students will be placed in classes that include other students of the same age and level of training.

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See below and in our Fall 2005 brochure for information on what classes are available for registration. When you have found the class that's right for you, you can notify PGT of your interest using the registration form available online. Just fax or mail the registration to the PGT office. If you still need a printed brochure, feel free to email the PGT office and request one.








Pre-Theatre (PT-M1)






Theatre Skills (TS-T2)









Dance for Actors (DA-M4)
Storytelling (ST-M4)

Pre-Theatre (PT-T4)
Improv (I M-T4)
Musical Theatre (MT-T4)

Theatre Skills (TS-W4)
Improv (I M-W4)

Steph’s Grab Bag (GB-Th-4)
Dance for Actors (DA-Th4)
Stage Craft (SC-Th4)


Yoga (Y-M5)
Musical Theatre (MT-M5)

Audition Technique (AU-T5)
Accapella (AC-T5)

Acting Technique (AT-W5)
Stage Craft (SC-W5)

Acting Technique (AT-Th5)
Improv (I M-Th5)




Dance for Actors(DA-S10)




Musical Theatre (MT-S12)


All three classes (WW-S10)



Theatre Lab (TL-S2)


NEW! Saturday Classes and Workshops


Performance Workshop — The Performance Workshop has been designed for those students who are looking for a less intensive performance-based program.  It is the perfect option for young actors to use as a spring-board into our ATP program, or for those who are planning to take a “season off” from the ATP. For ages 7-10, this three hour workshop will give students the opportunity to learn the process of rehearsing from auditioning to blocking to character development.  Participants will perform in a one-act, informal performance at our studios on the final day of class, November 19th at 4pm. 


Theatre Lab During this three hour course, students will dissect and explore many aspects of theatre arts, including writing, directing and acting.  Members of the lab will guide each other through the writing, re-writing and rehearsing of a series of short plays which they will, collectively and individually, write and direct.  The course will conclude with an informal performance at the studios, performed by the Lab members.  This is the perfect option for the actor who is looking for a less-intensive, yet performance-based program. For ages 11-13 and ages 14-18.


Morning Classes -  Jump into actor training every weekend with any or all of PGTs Saturday morning classes. Register for these classes in any combination or experience all three disciplines of theatre with a full morning at PGT.

Full morning tuition: $600


Full Day - You don’t need to wait until next summer to experience a day at PGT’s Summer Program.  Now students can experience the feel of Summer Theatre during the Fall, by taking the full morning class curriculum, followed by the Performance Workshop or Theatre Lab in the afternoon. Full day participants may bring a bag lunch and make Saturday “PGT Day.” Staff will be available to supervise students during their lunch break in the lobby.  Please send a complete lunch with plenty of water and/or juice.  Students will not be permitted to leave the studios to buy lunch.

Full day tuition: $1125




Pre-Theatre (ages 3-4) Through storytelling, theatre games, on-your-feet fun and more, children find they can do it too in the magic of theater. Our pre-theatre kids use their imaginations, their voices and bodies to express new ideas and feelings. This class gets everyone in the act!


Pre– Theatre Dance (ages 3-4)  


Theatre Skills (ages 5-6) Using puppets, masks, theatre games, music and dance, this course will bring your child into the magic world of theatre. Goals are to nurture each child’s imagination, boost self-esteem and to enable children to perform for their peers in a safe and supportive environment.  


CORE CLASSES (ages 7-12 & 13-17)

Core classes make up the starting curriculum for all new students.  All students must now take 3 acting classes, 1 dance , 1 improv & 1 musical theatre before moving on to electives.  Core classes may be taken in any order or simultaneously, but Acting is the recommended classes for students just beginning with PGT.


Acting Technique Through exercises, monologues, improv and theatre games, we will explore emotions, intentions and creating truthful moments in acting. Students will learn to use their voices and bodies to communicate ideas. Basic stage directions and theatre vocabulary will be taught as well. This is the recommended class for those new to PGT.


Dance for Actors This course will be comprised of elements of jazz dance, theatre dance, and modern dance, in order to build a dance vocabulary for students to utilize in rehearsals, auditions, improv, and character work. The goals of the class are improving students’ strength, flexibility, coordination, musicality, and confidence while encouraging freer physical self-expression. The class will include combinations from a variety of dance styles to broaden students’ range.

Musical Theatre Learn the basics of healthy singing and explore the world of Musical Theatre, including how to act and sing a song and how to prepare for an audition. Students will acquire an understanding of their vocal type and range, and learn to choose material appropriate for that type range. Emphasis is placed on acting the lyrics and proper vocal support.


Improv Through improvisational games and scenes, this class will explore this spontaneous art of acting. Basic improv technique will be covered, and you will learn the rules and tricks to making an improv successful! Emphasis is placed on making quick choices, partner work and scene development.  


Stage Craft (Ages 13+ only) For those interested in work behind the scenes, this hands-on class explores scenic painting, set design, props building and more. Students will work in the PGT scene shop under the guidance of a PGT designer.


ELECTIVE CLASSES (ages 10 - 12 & 13-17)


Storytelling this class will focus on various storytelling techniques using styles such as Story Theater, narrative and cinematic.  We will incorporate literary works from Shakespeare to Shel Silverstein as well as in-class student written works.  And finally explore storytelling on camera and on stage.


Accapella In this class you will learn the basics of accapella singing.  This will include singing four-part harmony and learning a variety of accapella songs from classic to funky.  You will also take part in composing an original song with a group, and have some fun with musical improvisation.


Audition Technique Learn how to audition with professional actor Barry James.  Whether you’re auditioning for PGT or for broadway this class will take you step by step from piece selection to how to make a great first impression.  This class is a must for every actor wishing to pursue his/her craft.


Yoga This course is drawn from the poses and principles of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. Yoga’s breathing techniques help to solidify actors’ correct use of breath while speaking and singing; the meditations assist them in achieving focus and clarity; while the movements and poses improve actors’ physical aptitude.

Cabaret Performance “Come to the Cabaret…”This class is for those seasoned performers who are interested in the art of cabaret.  From show conception to song selection students will learn how to design and perform the perfect cabaret. all about them.

Steph’s Grab Bag This class is ideal for the student who is ready to learn in the spontaneity of the moment! Depending on the students, the moment, and Steph's mood,class could be about anything from Kabuki to Playwriting...from studying Pinter to Circus Techniques...from Stage Make-up to Back-to-the-Basics Acting Technique. Students must be open and willing to try the unknown and to find interest in whatever may be offered from Steph's Grab Bag that day!

Character Development  This class will walk you through the process of taking a character off the page and onto the stage—walks, gestures, voices, images, personal props, mannerisms and more will be covered.  Students will have the opportunity to work in mask to further develop the history, physicality and emotions of each character.

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If you are age 13 or older and have a strong interest in the off stage world of the performing arts, you can join the other students each season who work as interns with The Play Group Theatre. You can join our stage crew and work backstage for this season’s performance projects. You can also apply for an available internship in Theatre Administration, Stage Managing and Assistant Directing.

This is a wonderful, hands-on way to learn about different jobs within the theatre, while helping PGT to fill it’s many volunteer positions. Some students have been given school credit for their internship hours – ask at your school.

Call or email the PGT office for an internship application.
Hours will be determined according to job needs and your schedule.

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