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internship Internships by interview, ages 14 and up

Several students each season take part in PGT’s internship program. This is a great opportunity for those students interested in the ‘behind the scenes’ work in the performing arts. Internships have included jobs such as administrative assistant, assistant director, web site design, technical work and musical director.

You can also request to work on our stage crew for this season's performance projects!

Students interested should call to arrange an interview then complete and mail page one of the Registration Form in our seasonal brochure. If you need a brochure, feel free to email the PGT office and request one!

The Interview

Interviews for internships are informal and nothing to worry about. It's a chance to get together and share where your strong interests for the season lie. We'd like to get you involved in the position where you will be most successful. We would be happy to any questions you may have about the audition or application process. Call Steven or Jill at 946-0649.

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